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To nernnve and store the comfort guides. aquee re the belt edges lttgelher m that yea ean take them out from the guides. Pull the guide upward to expose its storage clip. and then slide the guide onto the clip. Rotate lhe guide and clip inward and in between the seatbaclt and the inte rinr burly. leaving only the loop at? elastic

enrd exposed.


Everyone in a vehicle needs protection! That includes infants and all children smaller than adult size. Neither the distance traveled nnr Ihe age and size nf the tray'eier changes the need. for everyone. to use safe-1 y restraints. In fact. the law in every state in the United States and in every Canadian province says children up a: same age must be restrained while in a vehiele


Smaller Children and Babies

Children who are up against. er very rinse In. any air bag when it inflates can be seriously injured or kllled. This is true even thnugh your vehicle has reduced-forte fmntal air bags. Air bags plus

tap-shoulder halts offer the bat pmteetirrn for adults, but net for young children and infants. Neither the vehicle‘s safety belt system nor its air bag system Is designed l‘nr them. Young child ren and infants need the protection that a child mtraint system can pruvlde. Always secure children properly in your vehicle.

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