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Rear Flecfie-tz.r Belt Comfort Guides for Children and Small Adults

Reur shoulder hell comfort guides will provide added Safety bolt comfort for L‘h'ddren who have ouigrown ehild res-zlroinls and for small adults. When installed on a

shoulder bolt. The comfort guide pulls: the belt away from [he nook and head.

Thcn: is. um: guide for ouch outside pohsenger position in lhe rear xeal. To pmvide added salon]; heh comlbn for children who have outgrown child restrain“: and for xn'loller :Idullx, ll'u: cn-rnl'nrl guidofi mu}: ho inHlaIch an ihe shoulder hells. Here‘s how to install 31 comfort guide and use ilk: safety belt:

To unluluh Ihl: I'l-L‘]l.leh1.pl.JH|‘.l Ihe hutmn on Ihl: hutklu.

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