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STEP TWO -- If after contacting a member of dealership managementl it appears your concern cannot be resolved by the dealership without further help. confirm the Buick Customer Relations Center by calling 1-HIl-fill-T3-llfl. In Canada contact GM of C'unudu Customer Communication Centre in Oshawa by calling

hall-2634??? {English} or l-Hlll—Zfifl-TES‘I {French}.

For help outside of the United States and Canada, call the following numberx as approm-iate:

I In Mexico: {525115254125qu

O In Puerto Rico: 1—800—496—9992 (English; or FEW-4964993 lSpanish]

In the LLS. Virgin Islands: 1—8fltl-496-9994

In the Dominican Republic: I-SL'PD-TS l-4I35 lEnglish) or I-EDUJS l-4I3Ifi (Spanishl

i In the Bahamas: Lemons-ones: O In Bermuda. Barbados. Antigua and the British

Virgin Islands: I‘SUfl-534-fll22 In all other Caribbean countries: ram: TIES-[315

ln other overseas locations. call GM Ore rseas Distribution Corporation in Canada at: [gllfil Mil—4| ll


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