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To make the belt short-3r. put] its fme end as shown until the he]! is snug.

Buckle, pnsitiun and release it the same way as Ihfi lap part of n lap-shoulder bah. 1f the belt isn't long enough. 5LT "5:113:13; Btll Eandur" at lhr: L‘I'td nl' this soutjun.

Make sure the release button on the buckle is msitiuned sn yuu wuuid ht: ahlt: tn unhuuklc tht: safety hull quicklyr if you evcr had to.

Rear Seat Passengers

It's var}- important for rear seat passengtrs to buckle up! Accident statistics shnw that unhullud worth: in lit-t: rear scat an: hurl mun: nftcn in crashcs than thus: whn an: wearing safety hells.

Rear passengers who aren't safety belted can he thrown nut of LE1: which: in a crush. And am}- can erikc Uthcrs in the vehicle whu- an: wcaring safety hL'lts.


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