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llnderhood Electrical C enter -- Passongor's Side

Somc fuses and relays are in this undouhood Electrical center on tho pamongor‘s side of the engine coronal-imam

EB! Do ”3"% :1

[El 112%..qu [:1

Fuse Description 1 Cooling Fan 2 Starter Solenoid 3 Power Scots. Rear Defog 4 High Elowcr. Hazard Flasher.

Stoolnmps. Power Mirror. Door Incl-rs



in II 12

I3 I4

{Inscription Ignition Switch, HTS], Stoplamps.

ABS. Turn Signals, Cluster. Air Bag. DRL Module

Cooling Fan

Interior Lamps. Roloinod Accessory Power. ABS. Kayless En try. Doro Link. HVAC Head. Cluster. Radio. AUX Power 1 Power Drop}. Cigarette Lighter

Ignition Switch. Wipers. Radio. Sworing Wheel Controis. E’ood}r Control Module. AUX Power {Power Drop), Pomr Windows. Sunroof. HVAC Controls. URL. Rear Defog Relay

Description Cooling Fan ‘2 Cooling Fan 3 Starter Solcnoid Cooling Fan 1 Ignition Main Not Used


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