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Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

- I|l|l||||l|lllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll .

-'L|-_-" t':.- _u _


This is the legal identifier for your 1rchiclc. It appears on a plate in the front corner of the instrument panel. 011 Ihc driver‘s side. You can see it if you look through the windahicld from outside your vehicle. The VIN also appears on the Vehicle Certification and Service Parts labels and the certificates of title and mgiatralifln.

Engine Identification

The Slh character in your VIN is Lhe engine code. This code will help _vuu iclentit'g.I your engine. specifications and replacement perm.

Service Parts Identification Label

You‘ll lind this label on the inside of the trunk lid. it’s very helpful if you ct-er need to order parts. {in this label is:

o your‘t’lN.

I Il1c model designation. I paintinfonnaticn and

I a list of all production Options: and special equipment.

Be sure that this. label is nor removed from the 1vehicle. Electrical System Add-0n Electrical Equipment


Don't add anything electrical lo your vehicle unless you check with your dealer first. Some electrical equipment can damage your 1vehicle and the damage Wmfldll't he covered by your warranty. Some add—m1 electrical equipment can keep other components from working as they should.

Your vehicle has an air bag ayatern. Before attempting to add anything electrical to your vehicle, see "Scn'icing Your Air Bag—Equipped Vehicle" in I111: Index.


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