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Cleaning the Outside of Your Vehicle

The paint finish on your vehicle provides beauty. depth of color. gloss retention and durability.

Washing Your Vehicle

The best way to preserve your vehicle's finish is to keep it clean by washing it often with lukewarm or cold water.

Don't wash your vehicle in the direct rays of the sun. Don't use strong soaps or chemical detergents. Use liquid hand. dish or car washing [mild detergent) snaps. You can get ISM-approved cleaning products from your dealer. tSoe ”Appearance Care and Materials" in the index.) Don't use cleaning agents that are petroleum based. or that contain acid or abrasives. All cleaning agents should be flushed promptly and not allowed to dry on the surface. or they could stain. Dry the finish with a soft. clean chamois or an all-cotton towel to avoid surface scratches and water spotting.

High pressure car washes may cause water to enter your vehicle.

Cleaning Exterior Lamas.l Lenses

Llse lukewarm or cold water. a soft cloth and a liquid hand1 dish or car washing {mild detergent) soap to clean exterior lamps and leases. Follow instructions under “Washing Your Vehicle."

Finish Care

Occasional waxing or mild polishing of your vehicle by hand may be necessary to rentove residue from the paint finish. You can get UNI—approved eleaning products

from your dealer. f See “Appearance Care and Materials" in the Index.)

Your vehicle has a “hasecoatfclearcoaf paint finish. The clearcoat gives more depth and gloss to the colored hastecoat. Altvays use waxes and polishes that are nonrabrasive and made for a tnsecoatfcleamoat paint finish.


Machine compounding or aggressive polishing on a haseeoaflelearcnat paint finish may dull the finish or leave swirl merits.

Foreign materials such as calcium chloride and (3er salts. ice melting agents, road oil and tar1 Ins-e sap. bird droppings. chemicals from industrial chimneys, ett_'., can damage your vehicle's finish if they remain on painted surfaces. Wash the vehicle as soon as possible. 11' necessary. use non-abrasive cleaners that are marked safe for painted surfaces to remove foreign matter.


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