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Cleaning the Top of the Instrument Panel Care nf Safety Belts and Built-in

Um.- only mild soup and water to clean the top surfaces Child Restraint Harness of the instrument panel. Sprays containing silk-ones m waxes may cause annoying reflections: in the windshield and even maltt: it ditfieult to see through the windshield under certain conditions.

Keep the safety hellh‘ and the built-in child restraint harness; eleun and dry.

Cleaning Interior Plastic Components

Use only 21 mild soap and water Huluticbn on u soft

L'lUlh or sponge. Connnerelal cleaners m at affect the D“ “I“ bleach "I“ d1"? 53M!“ belts 01' ”It: bililt'ifl surface finish, ehiltl restraint harness. If you the. [hey mayr he

_ _ _ _ _ severely weakened. In a eranh. they might not be Cleanlng the BUIII-ln Chlld Restralnt ahle In pl‘tlt'ide adequate protection. Clean the

Your built—in child restraint may be cleaned with mild 8353!? 332515 and “W Child "3511135!“ ham!“ "'1'?

soap and lukewan'n waLer. Don‘t use household cleaners. with mild soap and lukewarm water. They may weal-ten the harness or damage Flaxlit.‘ part5.

The hujit-ln child restruinl pad ls attached to the child restraint cushion and mfllbaek with fastener Strips, ‘t’nu can remove the pad. machine wash it in cold water on a gentile cycle and tun'lhle dry it nn :1 low heat setting. Never bleach or iron the pad. and don‘t dry clean it.


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