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GENERAL MOTORS. GM. the GM Emhlcm. BUICK. 'Ihu: BUICK Emblem and Lin: name CENTURY lire regislered trademarks ni' General Mailers Corporation.

This Iiimiual includes the latesl infnrmutinn at 111: time i1 was printed. We run-arse the right to make chungus in [he

pnxluct after that iimr: wilhnui t‘urmcr notice. For vehicles first sold in Canada. suhslilutc IhL' name “General Mumrs 0|" Canada Limited" fnr Buick Mnmr Division whenever it appears in this manual.

Please keep Ihis manual in your which. so it will he Ihen: if ynu ever need il when yuu‘ri: on the road. If gmu sell the vehiclc. please have this ruunuu] in it so the new u'Wncr can use it.

Lilian in USA. Par! Nu. 104lf-T22 B Scannd Ediliun

K—— “i W1: support voluntary technician ccrLiiicaiinn.


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Fur Canadian Owners Whn Prefer a French Language Manual:

Aux pmpriétaircs canndiens: Vnus [mm-tr. vuus me‘urcr un cxcntpiuire Cir: cc guide en i'ranqais (:th mire cnnccssinnairc uu uu:

DGN Malketing Scruircs Ltd. lfi'f? Mei-ersid: [in Mississauga. Gntan'n LST IB‘J

Cnpyrighl Gcricral Motors Cfimnralinn i997Ir All Rights Reserved

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