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To check the aim. the vehicle should he pimped}r prepared as follows:

Place the vehicle on a level pad or surface.

The vehicle should not have any snow. ice or mud attached to it.

The vehicle should be fully assembled and all other

work stopped whiie headlamp aiming is being done.

There should not be any cargo or loading of the Vehiclc. uxucpl it should have a full [sink of gas und one person or lfifl lbs. ('35 kg: on the driver‘s seat.

Close all doors.

Tires should be properly inflated.

I Rock the vehicle to stabilize the suspension.

To make sure your headlamps are aimed

properly. read all the instructions before beginning. Failure to follow the-"e instructions could cause damage In headlamp pads.

For the 1.Hertircul adjustment. state inspection stations will generally allow a reading of plus use degrees or minus [3.76 degrees Finn] the center of the buhbie.

It is recommended that the upper limit not exceed plus 0.4 degrees from the center of the bubble. Cilher drivers may Flush their high beams at you if your adjustment is much uhut-‘c plus-i ILL-4 degrees.

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