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adults. but not for young children and infants. Air bill-ES inflate with great force, faster than the Neither the vehicle’s safety hell system ntir its

blink of an eye. If you’re too close to an inflating air hag system is designed for them. Young air bag, it could seriously injure J'fll-l- TM“ is [Fl-ll? children and infants need the protection that a

even with reduced-force frontal air bags. Safety child [it-51min! system can pmvide. Always secure helm help keep you in position before and during children properly in ynur vehicle. To read how.

I! crash. Always wear yflur safety belt. even With see the part of this manual called “Children" and reduced-force air bags. 'l‘ht'.I driver should sit as see the cauljnn labels on it“: guntligors and the far back as possible 1while still maintaining right from passenger‘s safety belt.

control of the ‘I’EIlitlE.

There in an air bag readiness light [In the instrument

. C panel. which shnws the

A, air bag symbol.

Children who are up against. or very elose to, an air bag when it inflates can he seriutssl} iniured

or killed. This is true even lhnugh ynur vehicie has reduced-force frontal air bags. Air bags plus The system Checks the air bag electrical system for lap-shoulder hells after the best protection fur mull'flflctiuns. The light Iells you if there is an electrical

pruh[crn. See “Air Bag Readiness Light" in the Index

CAUTION: lContinuedl . . _ fur mun: Inlurrnntlnn,


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