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Hefnre rinsing Lhe hood, I]: Hun: :11] 1h: liller enps are on pi'operly. 'I'llen jufil pull Ihe hand down nncl elem: it firmly.

Engine Oil

If [he LUW DEL light an The innlnlmefll panel enmefi on. it means you need [u elm-k yuur engine nil level righl away. Fm more infm'mminn. Mil: "an Oil Level Lighl" in [he Index.


Ynu shnuld check your engine 0:] level regularly: [his is :m added reminder.

[L's a grand idea in cheek your engine nil ex'ury lime yuu gel fuel. In order to get an accurate reading. the oil must he warm and The vehicle filLJh'l he on level grnunel.


The engine nil 1!ip.\'-ii(:k handle IS the yelluw limp near the J'mni of the engine.

Turn flfi'lhc engine and give IIIL' ml a few minuwn Lu Lll'uin hack into 111:? iii] pun. If you. dnn'l. the nil dipstick might not shun the alumni level.

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