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@ Section 6 Service and Appearance Care

Here gnu will find ini'en'natinn ennui the can: ui' yeur vehicle. Thih hEL'IiUi'I begins. with EEWiEE and incl iniiirrnatinn. and then it hIlUWS new tn cheek iinpuriunl fluid anti lubricant levels. There is ulsn teehnienl inl'nnnuticin ennui ynur

vehicle, und a pan devoted Lu its appearance urn-e.

(1-3 Service fin-'47 fin—3 Fuel

fi-S Fuck in Firmign Cuuntrier- Ell-4T 6'5 Filling Your Tank iii—=13 Ila—T Checking Things-i Under the Head

(1- Ill Engine IClil (Li-411'. n- I 5 Air Cleaner n-«ilj fi— | 'i' Auturn illii: Tran sunk: Fluid fi-SU iii-EU Engine Cnelent (5-52 (1-24 iner Steering Fluid (1—53. (1-25 Windshield WnGlie-r Fluid 15-5.”- fi-l BrilkU‘i {1'53 13—19 Butter}r tin-59 b—El-l] Bulb Repiuecmunl 6-59 n—Jfi Tires fin-fit} 45—43 Appearance Curr: ten-ti (1—4-1 Cleaning th' Inside ui'Yuur Vehicle (“r-{ii

h—4fi Cleaning the Built-in Child Restraint

Care of 5:11er Bells and Built—in Child Restraint Harness

Cleaning Gian: Surfaces.

Cleaning Ihe Outs-ride n!" the Windxhieid uni] Wiper Binder;

Cleaning the Outside ui ‘r'uur Venn-tie Flenning Aluminum Wheelh

Cleaning Tim-s.

Appearance Cari: Materieih Cliurl Vehicle Identification Numb-er iVlN] Service Punk Idcnliiitnlinn Lubei Elecirieu] System

Renleeenieni Hull-n.

Capacities and Spemficuliens

Vehicle DilTlctlthll'S

Nermul Mnintenanee Repleeeineni Paris Air (Ii-Iiditinning Rcl'l'lgcrnllts


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