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Staring the Flat Tire and Tunis

Staring a jack. a tire or other tqulpmenl In the

passenger compartment ul‘ lhe vehicle could mimic injury. In a buddon stop or collision. lame equipment euuld strike someone. Store all these in the proper place.

After yott‘x-c pul the cuntpacl wart: tire on yuur which. you'll mud to stun: the flat Line in your trunk. Use 111:: iitllowing procedure li‘t Scum: llli.‘ list! tire tn the trunk. What minslul |1I111 :I unmpad apt-rt: l'tru. put tht: pmtccmrtguidc hack in the Ilium Imidcr. Stun: Ihu tut-LT

When filming a. full—Him: tin: vttu TIIthl um: the extension . . . ' :15 int lnrwurd itfx' pmhtl‘tlc.

with Lht: protecton‘guide to help amid wheel xurl'utt: durmtgu. Use the cxitnsinu and prmecmrt'guide located in ll'll: E'oum holder. 11: store .t t‘ullva'iru: lire. plant: Ihu tire value: VHSITI facing dawn and that remove the PTfllflL‘iiJFt'lgulthL" tint] ullacl‘t IhL' mlulllt‘f sucurcly.

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