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In mlrl wumhrr. water can freeze and track the engine, radiator1 heater curl: and {:lher part5. Use ihe recommended cmlant and the prayer :nulam mixture.

Yuu can I'll: l'l-IJI'I'IIL‘d if yuu spill unflanl‘. on but

engine pa rts. leam mnlains ethylene glycol

and il will burn if the engine parts an: hot enough. Illnn'l spill cnnlant (in :1 hot engine.

When thc cnnlunt in 1hr: cunlLLnl rccuvcry Lunl: is ul 1ch ("OLD mark. start your vehicle.

[I' [he nvcrheut warning cunlilulch. there“, we murr Ihing you curl Iry. Ynu can 1|.le the proper ccmlam mixture LHI'EJJEIF In The I'adimnr. but hr. Him: The conling hj’SrIEI'H i.» uml hcl'm'c 3mm du il.

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