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Three important musiderafions have to do with weight: You can ask your dealer [or our trailering infomiation or

. th‘. weight Uri-hi! IFdilE'l'. fldk’lffi. flll‘ )I'DLI can WI'IIE LIS SI:

Buick Motor Division

Customer Relations Center 0 and the total weight on your vehicle‘s tires. 902 E. Hamilton Avenue

. . FI' [TMI 4353) Weight of the Trailer I“

How heavy can a trailer Hafely he? _ General Motors of Canada Limited It should never weigh more than |.[}Dl] lbs. (450 kg). But Customer Communication Centre

even that can I“: “3") heavy. lQflE Colonel Sam Drive

It depends on how you. plan to use your rig. For DShSWfl- Ontario LIH SP? example, speed. altitude. road grades. outside

temperature and how much your vehicle is user] to pull a

trailer are all important. And. it can also depend on any

special equipment that you have on your Vehicle.

I‘ the weight of the trailer tong no

In: Canada. wrile to:


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