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Things you put inside your 1Irehiele can strike and Injure people in a sudden stop or turn, or In a crash.

0 Put things: in the trunk of your vehicle. in a trunk, put them tut l'ar forward as you can.

Try to spread the weight Evenly. Nearer steel: hea yier things, like suitcases, inside the vehicle on that some of [item are above the tops orthe seats.

0 Don‘t leave an umured child restraint in your vehicle.

0 When you carry something, inside the vehicle, secure it whenever you can.


Towing 3 Trailer

If you don‘t use the camel equipment and drive properly. you ean lose eontml when you pull a trailer. For example‘ tithe trailer ls too heavy. the brakes may not work well -- or even at all. You

and your penengem mold be seriously injured. You nmy also damage your vehicle; the resulting repairs would not be covered by your warranty. Full 3 trailer only if you have followed all the steps in this sediou. Ask your dealer for adviee and lnl‘umatinn about towing a trailer with your vehicle?

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