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WIFE] EV fiEHl-Lllfll'mfi GUHP flit—TE GAWH Fill

—| ll-‘E'flEI-ifilfi Dili‘lFflHlilETfl NJ. . 'a'EHlELE SJ-IFEPII' Elli-FER. E5FEGT0NTHE Elli 199: _ M GI'E

Thr: olhcr label is the Certification lnbcl. found on the mar cdgc ofthc driver's door. ll lclls you Ihi: gross weight capacity of your vehicle. called the Gross Vchicle Weigh! Rating {GVWRL The GVWR includes Lhe weight oI‘Ilie vehicle. all occupants. inc! and cargo. Now or cncccd lhc GVWR for your uchicic or flu: Gross Axle Weight Railing {GA‘WR} l'nr cithsr [Inc I'mnl 01' rear axle.


If you do have u hem-'3? load, spread it nul. Dnn'L Ull'lT)‘ more Ihan If)? pounds :75 kg} in your ironic.

Do not load your vehicle on}I heavier than lhc GVWR, or either {he maximum front or renr GAWR. If you do. parts on your vehicle can break. or ii can change the way your vehicle handles. These could cause you 1o lose control. Also. overloading can shorten the life of

your vehicle.


Your wan‘a n'ly dues nul CIJI'EI‘ parts or components that Fail because of overloading.

If you put Linings inside your 1scliicic -- like nuitcnses. tools. pm.- kagus or any-[hing clsc u they mil go as [as-1m; [ho vehiclc gnu-i. ”you huvc lo stop or turn. quickly. Ur if there is a crash. they'll keep going.

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