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Run your engine only as long ib‘ you must. This sieves fuel. When you run the engine. make it go :1 little faster th on just idle. That in. pueh the aeoeleramr Slighll}. This USER less fuel for die heat that you get and it keeps.- the battery charged. You will need :1 well-uhurged battery to rehtort the vehicle. and possibly for signaling later on with your headlamps. Let the heater run For it while.

Then. sh ut the engine of! and close the window almost all the way to preserve the heat. Start the engine again and repeal this only when you feel really uncomfortable from the cold. But do it us little as possible. Preserve the l'uel as long as you earl. To help keep warm. you can get out of the vehicle and do some I'uiJ'l)I vigorous exercises, every half hotn- ur so until help comes.


Loading Your Vehicle

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Two label: on your vehieie show how much weight it may properly carry. The “fire—Luading Information label is inside the trunk lid. The 1:1th telln you the proper size, speed rating and recommended inflation pressures for the [iron on your vehicle. it also gives you important int‘onnntion about the number of people that can he in your vehicle and the total weight you can carry. This weight in called the vehicle capacity weight and includes lht: weight of all occupants. cargo and all nonl'uetory-iostalled options.

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