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Highway Hypnosis

Is there aetuaily such a condition as "highway hypnenia"? Or 'IS it just plain falling asleep at the wheel? Call it highway hypnasis, lack eiawatenesa. or whatever.

There is something abnut an easy strewn of read with the same scenery. along with the hum nl‘ the tires: an the I‘Ufidv [hit drone Hi the engine. and the rush of the wind against the vehicle that can make you sleepy. Don‘t let it happen It] you! If it does. yuur vehielc can leave the read 111 it's-'5 than a named. and you eeuld crash and

be injured.

What can you do about highway hypnmin? Firxt. be aware that it can happen. Then here are some tips:

|‘ Make sure year which: is well ventilated, with a comfflt'tably ma] interim.

t Keep your eyex moving. Scan the mad ahead and tn the sides. Cheek ynur rearview mirrors and your instruments frequently.

I If yuu get sleepy. pull off the mad into a rest. service or parking ant-a and take a nap. get Home exercise, or bath. For safety. treat dmwuiness on the highway 32'- ttrt emergency.


Hill and Mountain Reads

Driving on steep hills er mountains in different from driving in flat er mlling terrain,

If you drive regularly in steep enemy. or if you're planning to visit there, here are same tips that can make your Lt‘t'ps safer and man: enjoyable.

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