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Remember: Anti-lock doesn't change the time you need to get your foot up to the brake pedal or always decrease stopping distance. if you get too close to the vehicle in front of you. you won't have time to applyr your brakes if that vehicle suddenly slows or stops. Always leave enough room up ahead to stop. even though you have anti—lock brakes.

Using Anti-Lock

Don't pump the brakes. Just hold the brake pedal down firmly and let anti-lock work for you. You may feel a slight brake pedal pulsation or notice some noise. but this is norrrtal.

When your anti—lock system is adjusting brake pressure to help avoid a braking skid. this Ii ght will come on. See “Anti—Lock Brake System Active Light" in the Index.


Braking in Emergencies

with anti-lock. you can steer and bnrlte at the same time. In many emergencies. steering can help you more than even the very best braking.


Power Steering

If you lose power steering assist heeaust: the engine stops or the system is not functioning. you can steer but it will take much more efii'trt.

Magnetic Variable Effort Steering” {If Equipped]

This steering system provides lighter steering effort for parking and when driving at low speeds. Steering effort will increase at higher speeds for improved road t‘eel.

Steering Tips

Driving on Curves it's important to take curves at a reasonable speed.

A lot of the “driver lost control" accidents mentioned on the news happen on curves. Here's why:

Enperie need driver or beginner. each of us is subject to the same latvs ol'phvsios when driving on curves. The lraelinn of the tires against the road surface makes it possible for the vehicle to change its path when you tom the front wheels. [FLhere's no traction. inertia will keep


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