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The body takes about an hour to rid itself of the alcohol in one drink. No amount of eel-liee or number of cold: showers will speed "13! up. ”I‘ll be careful" isn'l the right answer. Whel ifthere‘s an emergency. :5 need lo luke sudden selion. as when :1 child dons into [he street? A person wilh even a moderate BAC might not be able lo reset quickly enough to avoid the collision.

There‘s something else aboul drinking and driving um: many people don't know. Medical research shows 11ml alcohol in a person's system can make crash injuries worse. especially injuries to the brain. spinal cord or heart. This means that when anyone who has been drinking -- driver or passenger -- is in :1 emf-h. lha! person's chance of being killed or permanently disabled is higher lhun il'lhe person hell not been drinking.

Drinking and then driving is very dangerous. Your reflexes. perceptions. attentiveness.- and judgment can he effected by even a small amo [ml

of alcohol. You can have a serious -- or even

Fatal -- collision if you drive after drinking. Please dorm drinlr. and drive or ride wllh a driver who has been drinking. Ride home in a cab: or if you’re Willi 1:! group. designole a driver who 1will not drink.

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