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Defensive Driving

The best advice anynne can give nimut driving is: Drive defenr-iveiv.

Pleam: Shirt with a very ilnprrrtant safety device in ynur Buick: Buckle up. tSee “Satelv Bells" in the index}

Defe n5ive driving refill},r Ulttiltb' "be ready i'ur unvthing.“ On L'ilv ween. ru nil reads UT freeways. it men us “always expect the unexpected."

ASHUJ'I'IB tliut pedesuians ur other drivers are going tn be careless and make mil-stakes. Anticipate what the}r might do. Be ready for their JnintakEE.

Rear-end enllielens are about the meet preventable ei' ueeidents. Yet that}r tire BUthl'l'tfll't. Miuw entmgh l'nllnwing distance. It‘s the best defensive driving maneuver. in truth eit},r and rural driving. You never knnw when the vehich: in front Inf :r'DIJ in gning tn brake or turn suddenly.

Defensive driving requires that it driver concentrate nn me driving lush. Anything that distracts from the driving task -- sueh as enneentritting lift it Cellular telephnrte call. reading. or reaching For something on the floor -- makes; proper defemive driving more difficult and can even cause a cnllisinn. with resulting injury. Ask a passenger to heip do things like this. or pull eff the read in il tufe place. in tie them yourself. These simple defensive driving technique. could save your life.

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