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Adjusting the Speakers

HAL: Press this i-tnoh lightly so it extends. Turn the knob to more the sound to the left or right speakers. The middle position balances the sound between the speakers.

FADE: Press this knob lightly so it extends. rum the ltnoh to move the sound to the front or rear speakers. The middle position balances the sound between

the speakers.

Push these knobs hack into their stored positions when you're not using thorn.

Playing a Cassette Tape

The longer side with the tape visible should face to the right, if the ignition and the radio are on. me tam eon be inserted and will begin playing. If you hear nothing or hear a garbled sound. the tape may not be iIt squarely. Press EIECT to remove the tape and start over.

While the tape is playing. use the VOLUME. FADE. EAL. BASS and TREE controls just as you do for the radio. Other controls may have different functions when a tape is inserted. The display will show an arrow to show which side of the tape is playing.

if you want to insert a tape when the ignition or radio is off. first press EiEC’l‘or RECALL.

Your tape bias is set automatically.

II" E and :1 numher appear on the radio Lila-4:51:13.»+ the tape won't play heeau se of an error.

0 EU]: The tape is tight and the player can't turn the tape huhe. Remove the tape. Hold the tape with the open and down and try to turn the right hub to the left with a pencil. Turn the tape over and repeat. If the hubs do not turn easily. your tape may he damaged and should not he used in the player. Try a new tape to make sure your player is working properly.

I E1]: The tape is broken. Try a new tape.

if any error oec urs repeatedly or ii an error can't be corrected. please contact your dettler. Ill your radio displays an error numb-er, write it down and provide it to your dealer when reporting the problem.

ll'REliF {1}: Press this button to search for the previous

selection on ere tape. Your tape must have at least three seconds of silence belt-teen each selection for PREV to work. The sound will route while seeking.


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