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Rear Window Defugger

Do not attach anything like a. tempt-ram vehiele license or deeal aeruss the defugger grid.

Den‘t use a razor blade or anyltting else sharp m1 . . _ the inside at the rear window. If you do, gun The rear window defegger uses a warming grid to could cut or damage the warming grid. and the

remove fog l‘mm me rear Wihdflw. Press the button to - i . . . re airs id 1 h vaur inan-am - turn the rear defegger on. It Will Lum itself eff after :1 wen n he covered 3* ' 1'

about 1L'II minutes. The picture above on me tell refers [U the delhgger button that is found on it Matt thl] Single Zuni: Climate Cnntrul System or Dual Confirm-Temp Climate Centre] System; the helmet an the right is found on the Dual Automatic CnmforTemp System.

if yuu turn it on again, the rear defugger will unly run fur ahuut live minutes before turning off. You can also turn it nl'f by pressing the butten again.


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