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Ventilation System 1lit-tttilstion Tips

I Keep the hootl ttntl front air inlet free of ice. sno w or any other ohstmcliun. such as leaves. The heater and dell-taster will work far better. reducing the chance of logging the inside of your windows.

Adjust the direction of airflow by moving the vents.

I When you enter a vehicle in cold weather. adjust Ute mode Itntth orhuttem [u- FLtKlR and the fun [{1- the highest speed for a few seeonris before driving off. This helps clear the intttlte ducts ot‘ snow and moisture and reduces the chance trt‘ tugging the inside 01' your windows.

. Keep the air pulh under the front seats clear of objects. This helps air to circulate lhmughttul

. . . . . our vehiel‘. Your vehicle at flow-1hrough ventilation 53' ste nt supplies y L

outside air into the 1Jeltiele when it is moving. Outside air will also enter the vehtele when the air conditioning fan is running.

if lite airflow seems very low when the fun knob is. turned to the highest setting regardless of tilt: mode setting. your passenger L'nn'tptirtrnenl air filter ms).- need to be replaced. See "Maintenance Schedule" in

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