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Low Fuel Light

Your fuel gage tells you ”your fuel it»; low, a circular about how much fuel you light on your instrument have It: Ft when the ignition panel cluster wili come on is on. When the indicator and stay on ands chime will nears EMPTY (E). you still sound periodically until you have :1 little fuel left. but add fuel. you should gel more soon. V Here are some tltinge owners ask about. All these It will also come on for a few seconds when you lira-at situation: one normal and do not show a problem with turn on the ignition us a cheek to shit?! you it's working. your fuel gage: If it dfiflm’l come on than, have. it fixed.

0 At the service station. the pump shuts of‘l' before the gage reads FULL {F}.

D It takes a little more or Jess I'uci to fill up than the gage indicated. For example. the gage may have indicated the tank was. hali'i'ull, but it actually mull; a

little man: or less: than halfthe tank's capacity to fill it.

D The gage MOVES-i a little when you turn a corner or speed up.


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