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To open the astrorool'. push the rear of H143: switch once and the astroroof will open to the 1mat position only. You will need to open the auuehade by hand.

Push the rear of the switch a second time and the astrorool‘ will open Ilse remainder of line way by itself. This is the express—open feature.

To close the astloroof. push and hold the Front of the switch I:LI'1li| Ihe sunroof motor stops. The so IIIIhade can only be closed by hand.


Cellular Phone Readiness Package {If Equipped)

Your vehicle may be equipped with a win ng hjil'l'less that will work with :1 dealer Installed GM Hughesw' portable phone. The phone has integrated features with the radio

and car audio opeakers. See your dealer for more details.

OnStar System (Option)

Your 1vehicle has been prewiml for dealer installation of the DnSIar System. The following services.- are available 24 hours II day:

I Roadside Service with Location

I Emer‘tgentqir Services Button

II Rclec Door Unlock

0 Theft Vehicle Tracking

II Aulornatie Notification of Air Bag Deploymnl O ConciergefCuslomer Conveniences Services

For more infon'nalion. contact your dealer.

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