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Trunk Convenience Net tIl’ Equipped}

Your Vehicle may have a cttnveniencc net. You'll see it tan the back wall of the trunk.

Put small loads. like grncery hugs. behind the net. 11 can help keep them t'mrn falling ever tinting sham turns nr quick statix tint! slaps.

The net inn‘t I'm lm'ger. heavier iuada. Suture lhttse in the trunk as in: forward an ynu can.

You can unhnnk the net Ht! that it will lie lint when ynu're not using it.

Ashtrays and Lighter

The center from ashtray is located on tin: instrument panel. just below the comfort Controls. Tu rernnw: the ashtray, open the lid and lift it nut.

The rear naltlray i5 hie-um! within a small than at the back of your vehicle't-t t'mnt seat nrm rest. Push on the right side at tl'lt: dam. The ashtray will then mtate to the right for usage. Ynu eztn tank.I flCt‘L'h'S- the ashtray by pushing an the dtilJT'S right side. 'i'a rename the ashtray. push duwn an the air-utter lucateti in the middle t-i‘ tht: ashtray and iiit it out.



Don’t put papers and ether things that burn into your ashtraya. Il‘ ynu do. cigarettes ar ether smelting materials could set them an fire, canning damage.

“It1usethelightcr.ju5tpushit in all the way and let go. When it's ready. it will pop back by itzaell‘.


Dun't. held a cigarette lighter in with your hand while it is heating. If yuu do. it wnn‘t be able to: back away from the heating element when it’s ready. That can make it m- erheat. damaging the lighter and the heating element.

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