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Heated Frlldaaluwaurr Outside Mirmrs lIl' Equipped}

The left and righl uulnidl: mil-mm un: lluulud whun yuu mun-ate the rear window dcfugger. {Sec “Rear Window Delilggur in Iii-H: “1:1ch

Convex Outside Mirror

Ynur pamcnger'fi fillit“ mirrnr ir- cnm'm. A unlwcx Ii'llll'l'L'll'lfi ~MHZ-m: ia cunt-Ll fir: yuu can in: more From the driver's; HES-1!.

.31. cIJrIvex mirm-r can main: things {like other vehicles} Ina]: farther away Ilhan they really are.

If you cut tun sharply into the right lane. you L‘tlfliti ilil a vehicle on your right. Check your

inside mirror ur glance [Iver ynur shoulder before changing lanes.

Storage Compartments

Glove Box

Um: the door key to Incl». and unlock the. allure box. To open. Iil'l the latch.

Frrmt Stnrage Armrest

To use the SEDl‘flgE areal fold down Ihe armrest lumber] in 111:: center from HClllI. FITS-H th‘: ilLICi'l ml Ihr: I'J'unl cdge and pull up. Dual oversized EuphnldETfi will I'nlrJ nut I'rum wilhin lln: slung: armrest

Rear Storage Armrest lIi' Equipm'd]

‘r'uu mug,- also hum: un anm'csr located within the cemcr hack seal M ynur which. IL may have u hlclrugu urcu and cupholdcrn. To npen. pull up an The lever u: 111:: and M 111:.- unnrcsl and lift. 'Iim cuphulderh will Illen be urceah'ibh: um! you will haw WCL‘EHH In [1“: hlurugc

L'L'IITI purlrncnl n'lICii.


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