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Safety Belts: They’re for Everyone

This purl tii'thc mtlnuel tells yttu httw [U llht.‘ surely hells properly. It also tells you some things you should not do Sitting in a reelinetl position when your t'ehiele is with salt-L3.- tie-its. ill motion een he dangerous. Even if you htu'ltle up. your safety belts can‘t do their job when yttu're reclined like this.

The shoulder belt can't do its job because it “'tI-n‘l be against your I'I-nrly. Instead. it will he in from ut you. In a erash you could go into it. receiving neelt or other injuries.

The lap hell can‘t do its jolt either. in e eras-h the hell eould go up ever your ahdot‘nen. The belt

.i‘tnd it espluint. the uirhug system.

Don‘t let anyone ride where he or she can‘t wear a safety belt properly. If you are in a crush and you're net wearing it safety belt. your injuries

eun he much worse. 1lt’tiu eun hit things inside the

[ones would be there. not at your pelt-it: bones. This enuld euuse serious internal injuries.

For proper protection when the which is in mulitnl. have the seuflturdt upright. 'l'hen sit 'i'i'ell heel-t in the suit and wear your safety hell properly.

't-ehiele or he elieetet] [rent it. 1t’ott can be seriously injured or killed. In the same crush. you might not he it“ you are huet-tletl up. Always fasten your safety belt. and check that your puesengers' belts are fastened properly too.

Head Restraints

Slide Ihe heed leslrtlint up or down so lliill Ihe lop oi' the restraint is closest to the. top tpi'your Efil'n. This. position reduces Ihe chance of a neck injury in :1 crash.

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