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Daytime Running Lamps;i Autumalit Headlamp Central

Daytime Running Lamps (DEL) can make it easier for others in see the front at your 1.rehiCIe dun' ng the day. DRL can be helpful in many.r different driving cnndilinns, but they can be especially helpful in the short periods after dawn and hefnre sunset.

A light sen ser on top of the insuument panel makes the DRL work. so he sure it isn't covered.

The URL system will make ynur fnini turn signal lamps come on when:

0 The ignition is on. I The headlamp swilch is nfl‘ and O The parking brake is released.

When the DRL are on. only your front turn signal lamps will he on. The headlamps. taillarnps. sidemarker and uther Iernps won’t be on. You: instrument panel won't be lit up either.

When it's dark enuugh nutsicle. year from turn signal lamps Will turn off and your 1vehicle's headlamps and parking lamps 1.Iuill turn Dl'l. The other lamps that come on with your headlamps will aim were on.

When it's bright enough outside. your headlamps will go off and your front turn signal lamps will came an.

Tu idle your vehicle wilh The DEL off, set the parking brake 1while the ignilien is in lOFF nr LUCK. Then start yen: vehicle. The DEL headlamps and parking lamps will stay off until you release the parking brake.

As with any vehicle. you should. turn on the regular headlamp system when yuu need it.


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