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I More the cruise switch from UN to REA. Hold it there until you get up to the speed you want. and then release the switch. {To increase your speed in very small amounts. more the switch to RM. for less than half a second and then release it. Each time you do this. your vehicle will go shoot 1 mph t LE kn'u'h} fastest

The accelerate feature will only work after you set the cruise control speed by pushing the SETHCOAST button.

Reducing Speed While Using Cruise Control

There are two ways to reduce your spend while using cruise control:

I Push in the SETJCGAST hutton until you reach the lower speed you want. then release it.

I To slow down in very small amounts. push the SET button For less than halt'a second. Each time you do this. you'll go I mph [Lift Icn'u'h} slower.

Passing Another Vehicle While Using l[Truise Control

Use the accelerator pedal to increase your speed. When you take your foot off the pedal. your 1rehicle will slow down to the cruise control speed you set earlier.

Using Cruise lL‘ontrol on Hills

l-low wcil your cruise control will work on hills depends upon your speed. load and the steepness of the hills. When going up steep hills. you may have to step on the accelerator pedal to maintain your speed. When going downhill. you may have to brake or shil't to a lower gear to keep your speed down. Of course. applying the brake takes you out of cruise control. Many dri vets find this to he too much trouble and don‘t use cruise control on steep hills.

Ending Cruise L'olitrol There are two ways to turn off the cruise control:

I Step lightly on the brake pedal: CIR 0 More the cruise switch to (FF.

Erasing Cruise Speed Memory

When you turn off the cruise control or the ignition or shift into PARK. (Pt or NEUTRM. tN 3. your emise control set speed memory is erased.

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