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TILT-WHEEL Adjustable Turn SignaHMnltifunetinn Lever Steering Column

A lill fleeting wheel allows ynu [Ll adjust the steering wheel before you drive. Yen eun aim raise il in [lie higheat level tn give your legs mere mum 1when vnu etu'l nncl enter Ihe vehicle.

Te tlh the wheel. hnld the steering wheel and pull the lever. Move the steering wheel to a comfortable level. then release the lever tn leek the Iwheel intu place.

The lever [in the Iefl xide of the steering column ineludea y'mn‘:

I Turn Signal and Lame Change Intlicamr I Headlamp HightLow Beam Changer Windehield Wipem

Windhhield Wahller

Cruise Central [Optlunt

Flash-lu- Pass


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