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Running Your Engine While You're Parked

:13; better not to park with the engine running. But it' you ever have m. hen: an: tome things to know.

Idling the engine with the climate euntt'nl

53's! em off could allow dangeruux exhaust into your vehicle tsee the earlier Caution under “Engine Exhaust“ I.

also. idling in a tinned-in plaee ean let deadly

earhun monoxide ECO! into your vehiele even if the Fan switch is at the highest setting. fine place this can happen is :1 garage. Exhaust ~- with

{'0 -- can eome in easily. NEVER park in a garage with the engine running.

Another closed-tn place can he a blizzard.

ISee “Blizzard" in the IndexJ

It can he dangerous to get out of your vehicle if the shirt llfi-‘EI‘ is not lull; in PARK W] with the parking brake firmly set. Your vehicle can roll. Don‘t leave your vehicle when Ihe engine is

running unless you have lo. 11‘ you've left the engine ru nning, the vehicle ean more suddenl}. ‘e’uu nr others could be injured. To he sure your Vehicle won’t move. even when you’re on l'airly level ground. always set your parking hrake and more the shift leeer to PARK {P}.

I-‘ullow the proper atepa In he turn: your vehicle wun‘l rnnw. See "Shining InltiPAliKiP‘J"i1LlhelI1tlL‘E. Il'yuu un: parking LI“ :1 ill.“ and if you're pulling a trailer. aim set: “Towing :1 Trailer" tn the Index.

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