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SECUND [I]: This posilion giyos you more power but FIRST Eli: This plihltitlii gives you even mrm: power

lower fuel economy. You min use SECOND [2: on hills. [but lower I'uei economy: [bun SECOND 42]. You can It [1:111 help minim] your speed as you go down sleep LING it on scl'y steep hills. or in deep snow or mud. l1'1hc mountain roads. but then you would also warm to use shin lever is pul in FIRS'I' i] i. the trans-axle waif! shift your brakes (Miami on. In“) first gear umil the vehicle is going slowly enough.


If your front wheels can‘t roiatc‘ don’t tryr to drive+ This might happen if you were stuck in very deep sand or mud or were up against a solid object. 1You eoultl damage your transafle.

Also. if you stop when going uphill. don’t hold your vehicle there with only the accelerator pedal. This could overheat and damage the transa sle. Use your brakes or shift into PA RK [P] to hold your yehirle in position on a hill.

Don't dr'i ye in SECOND 12! for more than 25 miles Hill kiln. or at speeds over 55 mph {90 both}. or you can damage your transmit.

Use AUTUM ATIC UV ERDRIVE i'iii'i or THIRD {3} as much as possible.

Don't shift into SECOND {2: unless you are going slower than (.5 mph nos imu'h ]. or you can damage your engine.


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