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Low Speed Delay Wipers

You can set the wiper speed for a long or short delay heIWeen wipes. This can he very useful in light rain or snow. Turn the hand to choose the amount of delay.

Remember that danmged wiper blades may want you from swing WEI]. enough in a storm to drive safely. To evoiddamege.besure toelear'toeamisnowfi‘om lite wiper blades before using them. if thefre frozen to 11's: windthieltL (artfully 1m or thaw them. If your Hades become inmged. get new Hades or blade insens.

Heavy snow or ice can overload your wipers. A circuit breaker will stop them until Ihe motor cools. Clear away snow or ice to prevent an overload.


Windshield Washer

The top of the wipe: lever has the word PUSH on it. To spray washer fluid on the windshieldi press this {Joni-.311 of the lever toward the instrument panei.

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