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111m and Lane Change Signals

The turn signal has two upward [for right) and two downward {for left} positions. These positions allow you to signal a turn or a lane change.

To signal a nun. move the lever all the way up or down.

When the turn is finished. the lever will remrn automatically.

A green arrow on the instrument panel will flash in the direction of the turn

or lens change.

To signal a lone change? just raise or lower the lever until the arrow stan‘s to flesh. Hold it there until you complete your lane change. The lever will return by itself when you release it.

As you signal n tum or a lane change. if the arrows flesh at twice the normal rate. :1 signal hull} may be hunted out.


If a bulb is burned out. have it replaced to help avoid an accident. if the arrows don‘t go on at all when you

signal a turn. check the fuse {see “Ft: ses and Circuit Breakers" in the Index) and for hunted-out bulbs.

Turn Signal 0n Chime

A chime will sound if your turn signs] is left on after having gone M4 of a mile, to remind you Lo turn your signal off.

Headlamp Hight'an Beam

To change the headlamps from low beam to high beam or high beam to low

beam. pull the turn signal lever all the way toward

you. Then release it. When the high beams are on+ this blue light on Ute instrument panel also will he on,

On vehicles equipped 1.vith Daytime Running Lights [DEL]. the light on the instrument panel may flash if the [)RL system is esperienehtg 9 problem or it‘ a headlamp is malfunctioning.

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