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Manual Windows

On a vehicle with manual windows. use Ihe window creel: located on the inside ofeaeh door to open and close the window.

Power Windows {If Equipped)

Switches on the driver’s door armrest control each of the windows when the ignition is on. In addition, each passenger door has a RWitch for its own window.


Auto-Down Switch

The driver's window switch has an auto-down feature. This switch is labeled AUTO. {inieltlyr press and release the AUTO switch and the driver's window will open a small amount. If the switch is pressed for more than a few seconds. the window will go all the way down.

To stop an auto-down window while it is lowering. press the from of the switch. To raise the window. press and hold the front of the switch.

lack-Out Switch

On four-door models, the driver’s power window controls also include a leek—out switch. Ptess LOCK to stop from and rear passengers from using their w'mdow switches. The driver can still control all the windows with the lock on. Press the other side of the LID-CK button for normal window operation.


To sound the hem. press anywhere on the center of the steering wheel.

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