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Parking Over Things That Burn Engine Exhaust

Engine exhaust can kill. It contains the gas carbon monoxide [CD], which you can"! see or smell. It can cause unconsciousness and death.

You might have exhaust coming In it:

C Your exhaust system sounds strange or difl'erent. 0 Your which: gets rusty underneath. I Your yelflde was damaged in a collision.

I Your vehicle m damaged when driving over high points on the road or over mad debris.

0 Repairs weren‘t done correctly.

0 Tfour vehicle or exhaust system had been modified improperly.

If you ever suspeet exhaust is coming into

your vehicle:

Things that can burn eouid touch hot exhaust . Drive it only with all the windows down to

blow out any C0: and I Have your Vehicle fixed immediately.

parts under your vehicle and ignite. Don't park cpyer papers, leaves. dry grass or other things Ihal can burn.


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