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Ensure the shift lever is fully in PARK {Pl range before NEUTRAL (M: In this position, your engine

starting the engine. Your Buick has a hraitc—Lrunseutlt: doesn‘t connect with the wheels. To restan when you‘re shift interlock. You have to fully apply your regular already moving. use NEUTRAL {N} only. Also. use brakes before you can shi it from PARK [Pi when the NEUTRAL {Ni when your vehicle is being towed.

ignition key is in The RUN position. if you cannot shift out of PA BK. {P}. east: press urn: on the shift lever .. push the shift lever all the way into PARK {P} and also release the shift lever bullion [in floor Shift console models —— as you maintain [mike application. Then move the shift lever into the gear you wish. {Press the shift lever hutton before moving the shift lever on floor shift

console models.) See “Shifting Out of PARK 1P)" in dangerous. ““1955 3’01"" mat is firmly 0“ the this section. brake pedal. your vehicle could move very

REVERSE (R): Use this gear to back up. raptdiy. You could [use mmml and h“ people ml

objects. Don‘t shift out ol~ PARK {Pl or NOTICE:

NEUTRAL 1N] while your engine is racing. Shifting to REV ERSE (R) while your vehicle is

moving forward could damage your transmit. NOTICE:

Shift to REVERSE l Iii only after your vehicle is stopped.

Shifting out of PARK {Pl or NEUTRAL {N} while your engine is “racing" {running at high speed] is

Damage to your ertusaxle caused by shifting out of PARK {P} or NEUTRAL {N} with the engine

To rock your vehicle hack and forth to get out of" snow. racing i5” covered by 3'1"" Warranty.

ice or send without. damaging your trattsaxle. see ”if You’re Stuck: in Sand. Mud. Ice or Snow" in the index.


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