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Power Door Locks


With power door locks. you can tacit or unlock ali the doors at once front the

Eil'i VET or front passenger door lock switch.

Automatic Door Locks

Just close your doors and turn on the ignition. All of your [jDOI'S will look when you move your shift lever out of PARK {P} or NEUTRAL W}. If someone needs to

get out while the vehicle is running. have that person use

the manual or power lock. If lhe shift lever is not in PARK (P: or NEUTRAL {N} when the opened door is cloned' all doom will he loci-ted when the door is closed. If the shift lever in in PARK. (P) or NEUTRAL (Ni when the opened door is closed, all doors-t will be locked when you shift out of PARK IP) or NEUTRAL {N}. All doors will automatically unlock when the ignition is turned ofi.

if you don't want the durum In automatically unlock when the key is turned to the OFF position. you can remove the DR LINLK fuse. For fuse Mention. see “Fuses and Circuit Breakers" in the lntlux.


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