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Lm'lg 'I'I‘i1}.-"'Hi_ul1nzl} Matinlenam'c Schedule

97,500 Miles (162 500 km) 100,000 Miles (166 000 km)

El Change engine oil and filter (or evary I:| Inspect spark plug wires {except 2.4L Code 12 months, whichever eecurs first]. T engine). An Emission CommeervEc‘r. Au Emissirm Comm! Service. [:1 Replace spark plugs- El Luhrieare chassis compenenb: {or every An Enlist-tun Comm! Service. 12 months. whichever 0'39““; first). 3 Change automatic transaxle fluid and filler [556 fflfimmfl fit») if the vehicle is mainlyr driven under one er [I Rotate tires. See “Tire Inspection and mute Of these cenditiorna: ROBHDD" “1 Ihe “‘13?fo PWWT mmfion Tn hezrv}r city traffic where the outside pattern and additional mfermatien. temperature regularly reaches 90°F {See footnote +.}I (32°C) or higher.


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