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The best way to protect me fetus is to pmteet the

mother. When a safety belt is worn properly. it's more likcl)’ that Ihe [ems won’t be hurt in a crash. For

pregnant ivornen+ as for anyone. the key to making safety belts cfl'eelivt: is wearing 'Ll'lEITI prnperiy.

Right Front Passenger Position

The right front passenger's safety belt works the same way [is the driver’s safety belt. See “Driver Position." earlier in this section.

Supplemental Restraint System (SR8)

This part explains lht: Supplemental Restrainl System [3115} or air bag system.

Your Buick has two air bags -- one air bag for the driver and anniher air bag for the right front passenger.

Here are the most imponanl things to irnow about the air bag system:

1You can be severely injured or killed in a eras]: il’ you aren‘t wearing your safet y helt -- even if you have air bags. Wearing your safety belt during a crash helps reduce your chance of hitting things inside the vehicle or being ejected From it. Air bags are “supplemental restraints” to the safety belts. All air bags are desiyied to work with Rall'ely Ital-[taT but don’t replete them. Air bags are designed to work only in moderate to severe crashes where the front of your vehicle hits something. They aren‘t designed to inflate at all in rollover. rear. side or low-Speed Iwntal crashes. Everyone in your vehicle should wear a

safety belt properly -- whether or not there’s an air bag for that person.


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