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Appearance Care Materials Chart

PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION USAGE 994954 23 in. r. B :in. Polishing Clnrh - War. Treated Exterior Polish 1050004 1.75 sq. Ft. Chamois Shims vehicle without scratching 1050172 I45 02.. [0.43 L} Tar and Read Oil Remover Alan removefi 01d waxes and polishes 10501'3‘3 I15 01. [0.473 L} Chrome Cleaner and Polish Removes mat and corrosion 1050 l'i‘d IE or. [IL-473 L) White Sidewall Tire Cleaner Removes wil and black marks 1 gal. H.755 Lil Magic Mirror Cleaner Polish Exterior eleaner and polish

“mm-em Worms-“mar

See yuur General Mntnra Parts Depeu'tmcni for 'Ihese pmduers. ”Not reenrnmcnded fnr use on inatrumem panel vinyl. See “F1 aids and Lubricanls" 1'11 1h: index.


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