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5. Th make the lap part tight1 pull down on the buckle and nf the belt as you pull up on Ihe shoulder be“.

The lap parlofthe bell should be worn low and snug on me hips, just touching the thighs. In a cmsh. This applies fame [D the strung pelvic tunes. And you'dba less likely to slide Lmder I113 lap belt. Ifyou did under it. thc belt would apply farce at your ahdmmzn. This could Baum: serious or man Pam] injuries» The shoulder hen shmld go over IJ1c shoulder and across the chest. These parts of The bndy an: bc5i able to take belt IESfl‘Eiil'lil'lg llamas.

The safety bell locks if that‘s a sudden amp or crash.

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