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Checking the Fluid Level Then. wilhnut Hhuiling ufi‘ an: engine. follow may: std: ps:

I Park your vahicie on a level place. Keep "13 engine running.

i Wiih the parking brake applied, place I113 shift lever in PARK {P}.

I WiLh your Yum Lll'l lhc brake pedal. move 1h: Shift lever through each gear rungs, pausing for about

three seconds in each range. Then. pmiLiun £111: shift law-er in PARK {P}.

I Let The engine run at idle for three to five minutes.

|_ The auanaLii: [ransaxlc dipstick hmdle is red. Pull out Lhe dipstick and wipe: it with a clean rag or

pap-er towel.


. Push i| hack in all the way. wail Ihru: scmnds and then pull it hack nul again.


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