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Other Warning Devices

Il you carry reflective triangles. you can set one up at the side of the mad about 302] feet (100 [1]} behind your vehicle. Batteries can hurt you. They can be

dangerous because:

Jump Starting I They contain acid that can burn you. If your battery has run down. you may want to use l They contain gas that can explode or ignite.

another vehicle and some jumper cables to start your a They contain along]: elem-icity to burn 1‘0“. B‘ck.B hel Lod ‘tafi. m at please follow the steps ow o I s e y If you don"t follow these steps exacfly, some or all

of these things can hurt you. NOTICE:

Ignoring these steps could result in costly damage to your vehicle that wouldn't be covered by your warranty.

Trying to start your Buick by pushing or pulling it won’t t-mrk1 and it could damage your vehicle.

i. Check the other vehicle. It must have a 12-week balmy with a negative ground system.

NOTICE: I!” Use nlher system isn‘t a 12-inch system 1with a negative mound, both vehicles can be damaged.

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