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Set the parking brake.

0pm Lhe fuse panel located on the dl-iirer‘s side of the instrument panel. Remcwe the [use labeled PRNDL—. This will keep yniir battery from draining while towing.

Turn the ignition key to OFF lu LInluL'ic llie steering Wl‘lfld. See “Ignilinn Positions" in the Index.

Clamp Ihe steering wheel in a straight-ahead position. with a clamping device designed for towing.

Release the parking brake.

When you are finished Lin-wing. make Hun! gnu replace Hie PRNDL fuse in [he inxtrument panel [use block.

Towing Ynur Vehicle l‘rflm lhe Rear

Do not tuw your vehicle from the near. or your vehicle muld he badly damaged and the tee-fly repairs would not be covered by your warranty.

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