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Tie 3. [ed cloth to your vehicIe to alert police that you've been slapped by the snow.

Put an extra elmhing or Wrap a blanket around you. If you have nu blankets or extra clothing, make burly insulators from newapapers, burlap bilge. rags, flue: male -— anything you can map amend yomlf er ruck under your clothing in keep warm.

Snow can trap exhaust Easel: under ruler vehirle. This can cause deadly CD [carbon mnnxide} gas In get inside. CD mild D'vel'fllmfl you and kill you. You can’t see it or smell it. so yea might not know it is [n yum- vehiele. Clear away snow from

around the has: ufyuur vehicle, especially any that is blocking your exhaust pipe. And check around again fmln Hmemfimetn bemmw doesn‘t collect there.

Open a window just a little an the side at the vehicle that's away from the wind. This will help keep CD out

Yuu can run the engine to keep warm. but be caneful.


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